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I Received this Email from a past member and thought it worth sharing

Dear Allan,

It is with great regret that I must to inform you that our "sunny sabot
days" are over. Yes, we have sold the last sabot! Yes, we have moved on to
the big 420 fleet! And yes, we will be having a normal Christmas at home!

NO MORE watching your little darlings cringe with embarrassment when we sing
and dance in Red Faces at sabot camps. NO MORE packing up at midnight
Christmas Day to leave home at 3.00 a.m. Boxing Day to drive our precious
little sabots and our beloved children 3000 miles across Australia to
compete in the Nats or Sabot Week. NO MORE coming home three weeks later to
a house full of dried pine tree, shredded Xmas paper and frozen leftover
turkey. NO MORE Saturdays on the rigging lawns checking shackles &
untwisting sheet ropes before they set out to sea, begging strangers to
deliver life jackets to our sweet but forgetful little angels, and
eventually, very late afternoon, giving up and unrigging the precious little
sabots ourselves so that we can get home before midnight.The Seymours Sabot
Days are over!!!!!

Instead, we will be living on the rigging lawn because we can't unrig a 420,
we will have to take the rubbish out Boxing Day, and no one gives a fig if
the kids have even got a life jacket on. We still have to drive 3000 miles
across Australia but we have to buy a bigger car because the boats and all
their gear are bigger & heavier. A new set of sails cost as much as a decent
sabot and then there is a very slim chance your little angel could do well
and then you have to send them overseas.
Yes, we have joined the Big League! The Big Boats! The 420s! We have made
it! All our old sabot friends are here. We have looked forward to this time
for years. "Won't it be great?" we said, "No more sabots".
At least it is better than cricket or ballet. At least there is always a bar
attached to sailing clubs. And at least the binocs won't go rusty.

Sorry for rattling on. I just wanted to say please take us off the email
list for the SQSA. Hope you have a great camp and lots of luck at the Nats
and Sabot Week. Make the most of it!!!

Happy Sabot Sailing