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How to get started in the sport of Sabot sailing 

Sabots are the starting point for many happy club sailors and Olympic sailors  

Talk to just about anybody involved in  yachting on the east coast of Australia and odds are the would have had some sort of involvement in Sabots. 


 Most clubs run approved sailing courses for beginners with sabots that can be hired or in some cases used free of charge. Various sailing schools also teach children to sail in sabots Using club or school boats will give Mum & Dad the chance to see if you are really keen before rushing out to buy you your first boat. (click on clubs above for club contact info) 

    Of course after the first time you hop into a boat on your own or with a crew you'll be hooked and before long the family car will be parked in the driveway with the garage reserved for you new pride and joy.

Second hand sabots start at around $300 for a boat that will certainly be good enough for your first season of sailing. Boats selling for this price are more than often made from plywood and either have timber masts or straight aluminum masts, The sail will be Dacron and the added extras very limited but dont let this put you off they are still great boats to get kids on the water.

More competitive 2nd hand Sabots sell between $1000  & $3000 dollars these boats will usually be made from foam sandwiched between a thin layer of fiberglass have aluminum tapered masts, a variety of Mylar sails (some old some new) and the boat will be close to minimum weight (22.7kg)  other inclusions might be boat covers, mast and boom covers spare center boards and rudders ect. The person selling the boat will usually be quite sad to see their Sabot leave the family as it will surely hold some very fond memories.

Joining the SQSA is not compulsory for most club racing in south east Qld but to compete in SQSA events your boat must be registered and you must be a member. The events that SQSA hold include training camps, the Bay Titles, the River Titles, & the Selection Trials that choose the team to represent South Qld in the annual National Titles.             The social side of competing in these events is also worth the low membership fee. All the kids have a great time and are good mates. The kids always make newcomers welcome and are willing to include newcomers in their on shore games or give advice. Mums and Dads are also welcomed amongst the other Parents who will  also be willing to give advise or tell some tails over a drink or two or three or four....... of course that is when the don't have a pair of binoculars pressed against their eyes.