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At the March meeting of the Association there was discussion on whether children under the age of 12

 should be allowed to sail one-up if their weight makes it hard for them to compete in a two-up.

A motion was tabled at the meeting for our consideration and support, so that it may be presented

at the ANSC Meeting in December. Wording of the motion is:

A Sailor under 12 years of age whose weight exceeds ??? kgs (35, 40 or 45 ? awaiting feedback to determine)

 at the beginning of an event may opt to sail in Senior 1 Up provided he/she can demonstrate the ability to

 manoeuvre his/her sabot in a competent safe manner.


I would appreciate feedback on the above motion on whether SQSA should put it forward with our support,

and if so from what weight level should it apply.



Gary Johns